Technical Notes: Oil Spill Solutions

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(Technical Note No. 1705)

The 2007 BP-Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico brought world-wide attention to such environmental catastrophes.  Oil spills from cargo tankers, pipelines, and offshore rigs are nothing new.

Spills that occur in or on water bodies are considered more serious than land spills because containment is a major issue.  After the spill is contained, it still must be cleaned up.  Cleanup as we define it is removing the oil mechanically or biologically from the body of water.

As a result of the Deepwater Horizon spill, the BioChem Strike Team (BCST) was formed to evaluate biological solutions for treating the oil. The BCST consisted of experts from USCG, BP, LSU, LDEQ, OSPR (California), NOAA and others. An in-depth study was conducted and the results were submitted in August 2011 in a report entitled, “Laboratory Screening of Commercial Bioremediation Agents for the Deepwater Horizon Spill Response.”

The team began their evaluation with over 2,000 products, eventually testing 10. The study conducted at Louisiana State University focused on the testing of worldwide commercial bioremediation products with respect to their efficacy for degrading crude oil as compared to the process of natural attenuation in the Gulf of Mexico waters and along its coastline.

At the conclusion of the 16-week study, the OPPENHEIMER FORMULA® stood out alone in reducing alkanes (99.9% reduction) and polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs – 98.5% reduction).

OPPENHEIMER BIOTECHNOLOGY INC. (OBI), manufacturer of the OPPENHEIMER FORMULA® has been a leader in bioremediation since 1990.  OBI manufactures products including the OPPENHEIMER FORMULA® with naturally occurring communities of microorganisms.  Archaea are a part of this proprietary blend consortium.

The OPPENHEIMER FORMULA® contains a blend of microbes designed to digest and convert hydrocarbons into non-toxic and beneficial by-products. It can tolerate harsh environments and degrade a wide variety of hydrocarbons including crude oil. Its efficacy has been proven throughout the world in remediating numerous oil spills of various magnitudes.

ENVIRONMENTAL PROCESS USA, LLC has teamed with OPPENHEIMER BIOTECHNOLOGY INC. to offer a solution to the problem of treating oil spills that occur on land or in water.

Some of the characteristics of the formula include: highly concentrated; organic and naturally occurring; long stable shelf life; salt tolerant up to 24%; aerobic – microaerophilic; non-toxic; and hydrophobic.

Large quantities are kept in inventory to assist immediately with spills around the world.

If your facility(s) is at risk for accidental oil spills, give us the opportunity to talk to you in advance.  We will provide you with timely and expert advice to minimize impacts.

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